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Wen I try to get into a flight a KLAX the loading takes forever and I cannot get into the server. Is anybody else running into this problem.

Restart Infinite Flight and try again.

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Restart IF.
Clear scenery cache.
See if your IF version is up-to-date.
Check if your system is up-to-date.
Ensure a strong wifi connection.
Log off and log in again in your IF account.
Reinstall IF.
If these steps are not working, consider to send a email to the support team.

Thank you. It works in New York but not KLAX.

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Is your device jailbroken or do you use a cracked version of Infinite Flight?

He woundn’t spawn in KLAX with server if it was cracked.
Maybe Turn down your graphics.

He can’t get into any/the server, cracked versions can’t do that as well

But if it was cracked he wouldn’t access Fly Online so

I got into the New York area. I just can’t spawn into the western United States.

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Western US is usually a very densely populated area (or used to be) which is probably why you can’t connect

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