Loading error

Is anyone else having trouble with the destination airport not loading when you arrive? I can see it, but once I get on final, the airport bugs out and doesn’t load again, forcing me to just quit the app.

Yes that’s happened to many. Fixes are on the way.

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Thank goodness! Huge sigh of relief. I will wait patiently :). Thank you


It is a bit better but still not enough to make it a good experience for everyone. We are currently looking at options (adding even more servers that are more powerful) but it takes time.


Sounds great! Hope you guys fix it fast to stop all these support topics.

Thanks phillipe. I am still caught in the middle of the “Loading Screen Of Death of 2017”

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Understood. Definitely annoying for how much work you guys have put into this. And yes, when I flew from KBOS to KDTW before, it was miserable and my whole approach was blurry. This time doing KDTW to KMIA, it happened when I was on final. So definitely an improvement :)