Load factor restrictions

So… most people want this sim to be realistic. Here comes one for the first feature needed:
I pulled 36G in a F-14 and 26G in F/A-18. IRL these planes can only pull 6.5 and 7.5(designed to 9) manoeuvre above Va is locked by FCS so the plane won’t overload. Please fix this for fighter aviators so we can have a realistic flight experience.main-qimg-535ea07aead12261f07e4b8788724574
And as picture shown, weight also limits your load.

What if you just don’t fly the airplane to those excessive G limits. Simulate real world procedures in your flying

Alternatively, if g-loads are exceeded, the flight could crash. That would do a good job of keeping people from performing excessive-g maneuvers.

When I need to manoeuvre, I don’t know how much G I am gonna pull. I want to fly as sharp as I can, so I am going to apply full deflection every time, and these things has hydraulic boost which means that I won’t feel tough to pull at high speeds. It’s not my job to keep myself in the envelope at this point. It’s the technology’s job so I can think about other stuff such as my attitude and other traffic.

Yes but you should not leave a job to the technology then forget about it. You need to be aware of the performance of your aircraft. For example a lot of high tail aircraft have “stick pushers” that keep you from aerodynamicly stalling the aircraft. But that doesn’t mean that you just ignore flight peramiters knowing that the Stick Pusher will keep you out of a aerodynamic stall

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As the pilot in command, it 100% is your job to keep yourself in the envelope at all points through a flight.

If you stall during a low-altitude turn to final, there’s no technology in the world that’s gonna keep you from getting into a spin and hitting the ground. It’s your job to keep yourself within the envelope no matter the situation. Anything else and you might as well turn autopilot on at the gate.


I didn’t mean to come off so combative.

A simple solution is to put th G-Meter at the bottom ribbon of your screen. When pulling a maneuver, keep an eye on it and stop pulling when you approach your G-Limit.

Having good situation awareness, or SA, is always a priority. As PIC, you are responsible for the operation of your ship

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But still. i want to use what they use IRL, I am not a aggressor instructor, which means that I shouldn’t be worry about this. US military aircraft is not that dumb and neither am I, I should be worrying about how to win engagements instead of keeping myself under load when I am flying them. Other sims I play has this feature. This shouldn’t be that hard for IF.
That’s why sometimes I tell people stability is bad for you. It’s not because I have great skills, it’s because I am backed up by the technology designed to keep me safe and agile.

How did you pull such g’S?

Fly around 600 KIAS and full application on stabilator

I mean you can’t win engagements if you can’t even know and consider your aircraft peramiters

I mean I can. For example. let’s compare F-16, F/A-18 and F-35C. F-16 is light but it can’t outturn F/A-18 in level turn. So it does vertical manoeuvres and F-35C is in between of these two and more towards F/A-18 if it’s AA load. I apply these in how I move, now how I not breaking my plane. And of course the missiles on F-16 are going to be more effective because F-16 is doing energy fight.