LNAV/VNAV Flight Plan

That’s what I was thinking. Just think, you’re on a flight from KSAN-KLAX. You need to use the bathroom and get something to eat/drink. You do those things and come back to find you’re off course, oh no!

This happens to me a lot.

This will help stop me flying off track


Just to clarify for people who don’t understand LNAV, it means “Lateral Navigation” or horizontal navigation.

Ontopic: that would be great and for sure!!


To add to Arnout cecint response for the Flegling; In the context of aviation instrument approaches, an LNAV approach (one that uses lateral navigation) is implied to be a GPS-based approach and to have linear lateral guidance. A VOR based approach will have angular lateral guidance. (Wiki). Max Sends

We talked about this lot of time, LNAV/VNAV is cool but you can’t have XP based on flying time. But this will come very handy with fmc for holding pattern.

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GPS can be LNAV/VNAV or LNAV only :)


LNAV follows GPS but I donno where VNAV takes its data from it must be multiple for safety reason.


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Any VNAV has to relay on Baro. Multiple sources.

VNAV data is provided by programmed calibrated tables loaded into the FMS + on board sensor data like temp/baro etc.
(Pilots Handbook/Wiki). Max Sends

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Yes you input altitude, where you want to be, the question we are making, which source FMC will relay on related to his position, GPS/Pressure? That’s where @Aernout clearing things up. (Not talking about complete altidude data, just for the VNAV and its primary source for V-navigation)


Based on manual flying time and size/skill set need for the aircrafts would be great. The amount of landing/touch-go/flying-time all can be manipulated.

Sounds complicated

I’d be disappointed if this didn’t come soon. In the midst of all these aircraft request and other bs important things like this lose attention. I know there is a system through the API (for windows) that apparently has this capability but this is a mobile flight sim thus mobility is extremely important. I saw Matt mention that he was thinking about doing something like this but now that the Dash 8 seems to be nearing its completion its time to put the pressure on for this. If larger regions/inter-regional or even global flight is coming out this will be a necessity. APPR was a huge step for this sim but this is a very important thing that IF needs if it wants to continue to gain people’s interest.

Yes, when I implemented the AutoNav into LiveFlight Connect for Windows, Matt did say he was thinking about adding a NAV system into IF. So it’s on the list. Just a matter of time.

I’ll second that

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