LNAV/VNAV Approach

I have been flying in 20.1 for quite a bit now, especially using arrival and approach procedures. I quite often fly an LNAV/VNAV approach procedure into an airport, so I put on VNAV to descend to the published altitudes and LNAV to follow the approach. However, I am not sure how to request an LNAV/VNAV approach to fly it in an active airport? Like you would normally request an ILS/GPS/VIS How does the ATC know what I am doing?

Based on your flight plan, if you want to follow it all the way to the runway, you should request a GPS approach. That way you can follow your plan and published altitude all the way to the runway.

As ATC, radar can see your flight plan and verify if you are following it. If you are following it then you shouldn’t really hear from us unless we need to make space


Thank you! Just flying into EWR, will request one:)

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So just to clarify ideas for me too, does the GPS approach consist following the FPL to the runway?

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Important to keep in mind that in a busy airspace, you will likely be vectored off your filed approach procedure as you get closer to the field. When given vectors, it’s important that you comply regardless of your filed flight plan.

Additionally, if your STAR takes extended turns away from the field e.g., an extended 25 mile downwind, you may get vectors that give you a more direct approach. This happens all the time in the real world.


Yes, if you have a filed GPS approach, the controller may let you follow it all the way down. This also can happen with a filed ILS approach.


If you have file a star+ils, would you request the ILS then I guess?

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Got it, thanks.

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Your first request to approach should always be your desired service. Simply request the approach you want. The use of check in followed by approach request is unnecessary, and just clogs the frequency.


Yes, I was refering to the fact that you wouldn’t request a GPS if you were flying an ILS, which I think was slightly unclear in that last reply :), sorry, if I misread something

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I think it goes without saying that you should request the approach you intend to fly, although the controller may chose to give you a different approach type (e.g., ILS instead of Visual, or RV/Visual because the runway doesn’t support ILS). You will not receive a GPS approach, even if requested, if you don’t have one filed in your flight plan. The controller will convert you over to another approach type.


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