LNAV stops working

On long haul flights, I will head to cruise, turn on LNAV (I click NAV), and then pause the game. However, once it reaches the line (FPL line) it turns off, which causes it to drift off course. Am doing something wrong or is this a glitch?

It doesn’t happen to me so probably a glitch

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Wait you pause the game? I don’t think you can pause the game while flying.

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I think they mean they go to the menu thing where you can change the time and stuff

Live doesn’t pause like solo mode does when you go to the menu screen. In live, your plane keeps flying…and, i guess doesn’t follow NAV. That part I didn’t know, thanks for teaching me.


Sounds like a faulty app. Could you try reinstalling? I know it’s a drastic measure, but I think it’s a corrupt file.

If the game is paused do not expect it to follow your flight plan. It was mentioned right above.

@JRRaviation he is not saying his flight plan ran out. He is saying that while it is paused it is not turning.


I think he means that it veers off course when it’s turning to get to the flight plan.

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Chris the only thing is I just tested it. I set it to NAV and had it turn to the FPL line, and it did maintain the line while in the pause menu…

Yes, but you tested it… Were talking about 757fan…So its most likely a game-error

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@Chris_S I just ran a test, 4 waypoints in a box formation. The NAV seemed to work fine even in the pause/menu screen the whole flight.

@757fan I would suggest providing more information regarding you device. From pinned support post:
“Device brand, and model as well as current operating system version i.e. iPad Air 2 iOS10, or Samsung GalaxyA7 Android 5.0 etc. Note any modifications, ‘rooted, or jailbroken’ custom ROM, or third party apps installed such as screen recorders, etc.Screen shots are welcome. Include briefly the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot without success. Such as 'restarted and reinstalled app without resolution”

See if anyone else with your device/specs has the same problem. Perhaps a screen shot of the problem in action.

Ok let’s give the OP time to reply.

I have an IPad Pro with iOS 11. As for troubleshooting, I haven’t done any yet but I will try it when not paused and if that does not work, I will delete and reinstall.

In addition if you can please provide us steps to reproduce. There are so many different ways we want to make sure we are doing it the same way.

If it doesn’t happen it could have been a fluke as things happen. If you can produce it over and over again the steps and even better would be a video so we can take a look.

As always it is suggested to reboot and/or reinstall if you wish to make sure you have no corrupted files.


It appears as if it has started working again, so I probably ended up accidentally clicking the Heading button mid-flight. However, thank you!

Great, enjoy your flight.