LNAV question

I am doing EFHK-EFIV-EFKT-EFHK. When I tried to set LNAV on the second leg, it just starts to turn the other way. How do you fix it? Thanks!

Did you use APPR or anything? If you did, your navigation might be set to NAV1 instead of GPS which will turn you back to the runway.


Oh! I try to fix that

Usually the case with return legs like that in the same flight plan it’ll activate the leg(s) on the return leg. Make sure to activate the right waypoint by navigating to the flight plan and clicking ACT. LEG for the waypoint that you are trying to follow.

I’m not doing the same leg. It is a different one

Hmmm, alright then. Perhaps do what Andrew said and see what happens.

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Thanks guys! I figured it out!


That’s true, I’ve seen this question a lot when people land and Takeoff again they select NAV and they get confused why the aircraft is turning back…
They just forgot to make NAV fly GPS

yep. i’ve also activated the wrong leg which causes me to get rekt

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