LNAV problem

so i was flying ATL to DFW and all the sudden my a319 jerked to the right on AP when LNAV had a heading of 269 and then it turned to 300 for no reason and my next waypoint was at DFW and i was half way there. i didnt put in a wrong waypoint for it to do that.
can someone help me?

Did you press/arm APPR previous to using LNAV?

If so head to nav, on the first row, all the way on the left you’ll see either NAV 1 or GPS. If it’s GPS then it should be fine, if it’s NAV 1 press on it and slide it to GPS.

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It sounds like the source of the NAV was APPR not LNAV. I used to make this mistake all the time when I was not as familiar with the simulator until I found the issue

Interesting, could you share your replay? As that helps us understand the situation better.

yes i did previous to the ATL to DFW flight i flew from CVG to ATL and i did arm the APPR

Yeah, then that’s most likely the cause of the issue. If you arm it, APPR will switch your NAV source automatically from GPS to NAV1, when it picks up a localizer signal, and cause you to fly a different heading than the one in your flight plan.

Maybe be you didn’t set ALT

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