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Hi everyone, I’m having a problem in my LNAV system, once I turn on the LNAV it just won’t follow the speed heading and altitude assigned, yes it is in GPS mode I just bought it yesterday didn’t change anything and it just happened to be like this


Hello! Welcome to the community!
You have the input the speed, altitude, heading, etc. On the other boxes and click them so they turn yellow.
Once that is complete you can use your auto pilot for however long you need it for!

Just as Tyler does it

not the best tutorial for this manner, but it was the easiest I could find


yea. alt, hdg, etc. for it to work


Welcome, you have to click and set the speed and alt in the AP tab right above the LNAV button.


rather than an LNAV problem I just had VNAV roll me over twice, I checked winds but only 22kts, might be the servers either going down or having general issues. or even better apple finally approved 21.1, please do not get your hopes up about my 21.1 comment. I dont want this deleted

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Could you specify this more?

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Dear @Nawwaf_S.A,

First I would like to say that I am excited to have you as a member of this community, and I hope you feel welcomed here! To your Question about LNAV, unfortunately LNAV won’t follow the Speed and Altitudes given or assigned in your flight plan without manual inputs. In infinite flight, LNAV (Flight Director) is only used for the aircraft to follow your given flight plan, but it won’t automatically follow your Required Altitudes and speeds given in your flight plan without manual input from the pilot to the altitude or speed. In the air with LNAV now enabled, you won’t have to put in heading inputs manually, as LNAV will automatically follow your flight plan. I’m glad that you have learned to ask questions from the community in the support category, so you can get a better understanding of flying on infinite flight!

(A list of instructions will be listed below as of how to input Altitudes and speeds while using LNAV)

Turning on LNAV:

Press on the LNAV button and check if it’s highlighted in yellow to make sure it’s activated.

Making the Aircraft follow the assigned waypoints and assigned altitudes:

  1. Check your flight plan for the given altitudes on your route.

  2. Input the altitudes and speeds to follow your flight plan by holding the Altitude or speed button and sliding Up to increase the speed or altitude, or down to decrease the speed or altitude, and then press on the Altitude and speed button to display it in yellow to make sure it’s activated.

  3. Make sure your aircraft reaches the altitude given in time in your flight plan before your waypoint with the altitude requirement by adjusting your V/S speed to the right of your altitude button. There will be a white line that will indicate when you will reach that altitude in your map, so it’s best to align the line with the waypoint with the given altitude your climbing for.

  4. Once clear of any waypoints with any altitude requirements, altitude is at your discretion.

  5. The HDG button isn’t necessary for LNAV because LNAV will automatically follow your flight plan, but it’s good to engage it in case autopilot unexpectedly disconnects, or LNAV disables, or you even clear or edit your flight plan, for a stable flight.

I would recommend Heading over to Infinite flights YouTube channel, and checking out the helpful tutorials!

Link ↘️

Here are Some Helpful Tutorials from the Infinite flight YouTube channel I think you should focus on to Also Answer your current Question, and possibly any other Questions you might have! ⬇️

Navigating in Infinite flight Tutorial:

Climbing to Cruise Tutorial:

VNAV Tutorial:

Flight Planning:

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Thanks so much for that welcome, and also for the full explanation, I will see the video and see if I find any solutions there, thanks again for the advise

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I have no problem helping a fellow community member with their occurring issues! I will always try my best to help others out that are need of any tips, so they can get a better understanding of flying on infinite flight!

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I would suggest going back to my response and reading it again since I’ve corrected some of the sentences to give you a more direct or better Answer to your Question.

VNAV turned my plane all the way over to the right a few times. thats it

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