LNAV on the 742 doesnt work

Note: i have not yet had an opportunity to test if this is a reccuring issue

Upon taking off from LIRF less than an hour ago, in the 742, i noticed weird behaviour from the LNAV

My FPL took me straight out of RWY25, and then N/NW towards Nice (basically diagonally up and to the right). Upon turning it on, instead of a slight correction to the right, AP turned fully to the right.

Long story short i turned it on and off a few times, thinking it had something to do with the active leg of FPL. After that didnt work i continued switching active legs on the FPL and eventually i just let it turn.
It ended up turning straight north. Turned to 360 and maintained.

Even longer story short, i think i tried almost everything in a span of a few minutes. On off like 20 times, switching legs, VNAV, inserting waypoints into FPL, deleting FPL and building new one etc… you get the point.

The one thing i did not try was just reloading, which is why i have the note at the top. Ill give it a few goes in the morning, until then if anyone knows why this was happening let me know :)

Hey Ivan! Are you sure your source was set to GPS and not Nav 1 or Nav 2?

Im not sure, it should be set to GPS as i never touch anything on that panel beacuse i dont know how to use it😂
Ill check now and get back to you

Yeah… it looks like i must have accidentally switched the source to NAV1 when preparing for takeoff most likely. Thanks for the help.
Mods can go ahead and close this

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