LNAV not working

Hi everyone. On my second flight very time I put VNAV on it doesn’t follow the flight path. I have done all the correct things to follow same as the first flight but didn’t work. I can see other people have had the same problem. Is this a glitch?

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What do you mean by it doesn’t follow the flight path? Is it not descending properly?

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Can you elaborate on how it’s not working. Did you put altitudes with the waypoints?

Just for clarification VNAV is vertical navigation. It will decend to what altitude you have set to a certain waypoint. If you want to follow your flight plan, you need to click LNAV or lateral navigation

I had the same mistake/problem

Here is my thread, we got the answer


Make sure you nav on gps not nav1

That’s LNAV, not VNAV

Why would VNAV follow the flight path?

he said VNAV doesn’t follow his flight path but VNAV only follows the decend

You set certain altitudes to waypoints in your flight plan, or your SID/STAR/Approach does it automatically.
For example, LAPMO at Dublin is 3,000.

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Weird I dont know, if it is LNAV he has my thread but if it is VNAV i dont know

If you made an ILS approach and didn’t switch from NAV1 to GPS on your second flight, this will be your problem. As already mentioned, it’s the LNAV which must be your problem

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It is not a glitch, u r not using it properly, it starts descending automatically, it shows when it is gonna descend under the vnav button (to turn on/off) VNAV

Take a look at the how to descend and how to VNAV tutorial videos for help using these features.

Is the aircraft not descending or not following the flight path? VNAV and LNAV are two different things. If the aircraft is not descending, make sure your upcoming waypoints have assigned altitudes. On the other hand if you the aircraft isn’t following the flight plan, then make sure you have GPS selected instead of NAV1/NAV2 as @Georgios_P mentioned above.

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Sorry the LNAV not VNAV…
I do the same process as the first flight and it doesn’t follow the path set at all. I will just fly straight ahead with no direction change at all to follow my next destination

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Yes so sorry I meant LNAV 🙄 thanks for the info… at least you got what I meant. I will give this a go. Thank you so much for your info/help and understanding I meant LNAV 🤙🏼 Cheers man


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