LNAV not working perfectly

Sometimes when I am flying and put LNAV on, it will follow the flight plan but the plane will turn continuously. Does anyone have an answer for why?

What do you exactly mean? Is the plane trying keep on track or is the plane literally banking?

Did you have NAV1 or NAV2 switched? If so, make sure you have GPS switched.

It is trying to keep on track, but just waves around the flight path. It will follow the correct route just not in a straight line.

What aircraft are you flying, sometime LNAV has trouble making tight turns in big boi aircraft

Well I remember once it happened with the A350 and once with the F22

What is your speed? Perhaps you are going too fast or too slow.

With the F22 it’s common due to high speed.

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Your plane might be banking continuously Bc it missed a waypoint and it’s trying to get to it by flying in a circle

Can I clarify if the autopilot just does circles around a specific waypoint, or are you saying it doesn’t turn smoothly?

Ok so it is probably the speed in the F22. I may or may not have been crossing the Atlantic Ocean at Mach three when it happened…

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Are you using a fighter jet at high altitudes going Mach 2? If so then your turning will be weaker then the autopilot isn’t programmed to adjust to it

@TheAviationGallery I am pretty sure he is saying the plane on the right track but banks continuesly to keep on track. It’s like it’s making waves

This is quite normal. In most aircraft the next leg of your FPL is activated “too late” resulting in an overshoot depending on how many degrees you’re turning and maybe it even overcorrects which results in slalom path around the intended course until it is correctly settled… happened quite frequently to me as well…

What about your speed with the a359?

No so what happened it it turns towards the next waypoint but doesn’t use the correct heading. So it keeps turning to headings that aren’t correct

What do you exactly mean by “headings that are not correct”?

Lemme tell you something, when you’re going really fast with the f22 your turning will be basically NON existent. The autopilot isn’t programmed for that condition so it can’t adapt

It happened close to my approach, so i couldn’t have been going more than 220 kts

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