LNAV Non-responsive

Departed on a flight a bit ago in the 757-200 and my LNAV will not turn on. The button is completely greyed out; I have tried turning off/on the AP with no success. Picture below for reference. Anyone had this happen before? This 3 hour flight will be fun having to adjust my heading the entire way.

was the LNAV off during spawing the aircraft? or during take off / departure? You can PM and send the replay to the moderator.

I don’t touch LNAV until way after departure so yes, it was off.

Make sure to have your NAV turned to GPS :)

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I don’t think that’s the issue because you’d be able to choose LNAV then, it would just take you in the wrong direction

i mean have you notice the LNAV was grey or untouchable during spawning or was it during departure?

Yes but it could be the configuration of the whole NAV menu :)

If there is nothing (frequency) tuned of the runway the LNAV can’t work, as it’s on NAV1 but nothing has been tuned to it

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Bingo, you the man. Not sure how that was moved but good to know now.

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Yes, that usually does the trick!
Glad I could help and have a safe flight :)

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