LNAV NEEDS to be fixed ASAP

LNAV has been making me super mad, ever since since the update, at least 1 in every 20
flights i’ve been doing has done stuff like make circles. It’s not a sharp turn at all, there’s just something messed up, it even throws me off after the circle is done…

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This happens when a hard turn is near to other waypoint. The only thing u can do is: check ur fpl before take off and find waypoints near to a hard turn.

They need to make the lnav more realistic :/


the waypoints were over 5 mins away from each other at M0.84… also the turn wasn’t even that hard. yes they do…

What i do is erase waypoint between 20nm if the nex turn is more than 30°

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I do agree it need some work, but it’s nothing that should be pushed to the front of development because to avoid the issue isn’t complicated and will work every time, it needs to turn earlier then it does sometimes because then that happens, but on the other hand it’s probably not gonna be fixed because of those two waypoints prior to the turn are close together it didn’t turn early enough to potentially avoid this. In general avoid having waypoints to close together

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Your turns are going to be wider the faster you are. Make sure you are at a suitable speed so your LNAV can intercept the next waypoint and your FPL waypoints work with the speed you will be at.

I am fine when it overshoots it’s a bit, but the problem is that those waypoints were very distant apart, and it still just kept turning, which i don’t understand why.

Were there any significant amounts of wind over there? Wind drift could of caused the overshoot. I don’t think LNAV is programmed with wind in mind but just simply where your aircraft is in regards to the next waypoint.

There was a tailwind before, it did turn into a crosswind a little bit, after the right turn. The turn was just a little slant.

A crosswind is a huge factor as to what can cause this issue. It is pushing you away from your flight plan but autopilot corrects for that but LNAV doesn’t when it decides when to make your turns.

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Personally, I hand fly until cruise just because I want to, but I would recommend hand flying until at least you’re out of the SID.

Land by ILS and hand would be greatest thing lol

@Delta419 You may have seen on PC flight sims and IRL that the FPL on the Nav Display has a turn curve at each waypoint.

Laura said in the development stream a few months back that this is something she wants to add to Infinite Flight.

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Oh yeah I seen that

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That also happened to me … it was really frustrating
Try to prevent sharp turns and stuff like that !

This kind of thing used to happen to me but as has been said just get into the habit of trimming your FP as needed…until a fix is deployed in future…meanwhile what happens if waypoints are too close or zigzag…your plane will aim for the most linear waypoint and skip one that’s too close…as I found out recently on a Qantas flyout out of YSSY when we had to draw the Kangaroo… You can try it. It was a challenging but fun experience.

Speed and winds factor into what happens. The FP is available if you have 13 hours plus to spare🙂


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