LNAV Landing Outside of the Runway

Hello IFC! I am making another one of those “Rework Trailers” (See the 747 and the 767 ones!) and I was trying to get a near perfect landing. I made a few of them, however I decided to try a bit with LNAV. It was an horror. Firstly I thought it was an airport glitch. I changed the airport and same thing. Airplane issue because the model is very old? I switched to a 777 and… no. So I’m assuming it must be an LNAV glitch. Or I’m a total noob and don’t understand that the LNAV should take me to the edge of the runway and not the centerline.

Note: This was made on Solo spawning on the final approach.

Please excuse my terrible piloting skills

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I’m a little confused by what you’re asking and what your video’s showing.

In the video, you’re tuned to NAV1 and you’re seeming to be flying an ILS approach. You’re not on LNAV at all.

Also, LNAV in Infinite Flight is a non-precision approach, and should be turned off at about 800’ AGL. It’s not like APPR which takes you all the way down.


oh… guess I’m a noob then…

LNAV sends you towards the center of the airport, for landings you should use APP

This wasn’t near the center of the airport though…

it sends you towards it. sometimes you couldnt make a hard turn enough especially when on short final

To elaborate a bit further on Sooraj’s point, it’s because LNAV has a (larger) X-Track error, unlike APPR which aims for zero. In other words, APPR is more precice than LNAV so this is expected. You may notice that in cruise with LNAV enabled you likely won’t be flying right on the line but a little bit offset from it (due to winds, for example).

See image below:

(Cross track error explained - Blog 2.0 - diydrones)


LNAV actually follows the “line” drawn by your flight plan, and corrects for wind.

If that “line” doesn’t go right through the centreline of the runway, your aircraft won’t end up on the centreline.

This as well. It kinda weaves in and out of that “line.”

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