LNAV issues

I don’t know if it’s me being silly or not, but if I do a flight and then do the return flight, my LNAV does not follow the flight plan and turns to heading 213 randomly, sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn’t and I do everything the same. So either I’m forgetting to do something, or it’s just a glitch… I’m not too sure could somebody advise me please:)

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Did you change the navigation source to GPS again after you landed?
Maybe you had changed it to NAV1 for an ILS approach, then LNAV would follow the ILS instead of the flight plan after taking off again.


Hm, might be, I rarely ILS landing, I like to visual… I will try it once I land into LCY and I’ll let you know!

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That was it. Thank you, i clearly wasn’t thinking most of the time haha.


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