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I’ve been playing infinite flight for a while, and i’ve never seemed to have a flight where Lnav did a perfect job for me. It always overshoots the path and ends up zig zagging around until it finally gets aligned. It seemed to get worse in 20.1. The image above shows how far off i am from the path…

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What is your speed? And how close are the waypoints to each other ? It may be overshooting it.

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At the bottom right of the photo I see that you have just had a sharp right turn. Your aircraft can’t just change direction that easily at high speeds. That’s why the plane gets off the path, to be able to make the turn. In the future perhaps slow down or avoid sharp turns.


correct! @tunamkol
sharp turns at high speed WILL lead to this!

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Speed was 280, and in the past it’s done that at 220 on approach. Would be nice if there was a way it could sense the speed of the aircraft to start the turn earlier…

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Hey man !!
If you want to do sharp turns, try to maintain anywhere between 200 - 180 knots… Avoid sharp turns at high speed.
Hope this helped you :D

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As @tunamkol said avoid sharp turns. You seem to ne overshooting the waypoints. This could be due to the newly implanted smooth autopilot transitions making it take longer to turn.

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Instead of listing whats wrong let’s think of solutions to avoid this. When it comes to two waypoints make sure they aren’t “sharp” making it vulnerable for your aircraft to overshoot it, make sure if you do have a sharp turn to slow down to make it easier on your aircraft to intercept the next waypoint. Don’t think LNAV takes aircraft speed into consideration when deciding when to turn to intercept the next waypoint.

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It’s difficult, because the plane is programmed the follow the route you assigned. It would be skipping the waypoint you added if it started the turn too early.

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Ok thanks, I will remove waypoints that are close to each other on sharp turns.

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I know it’ll be repetitive, but yes, sharp turns will cause this. 90 degree turns will only exaggerate it even more. IRL, aircraft do not make 90 degree turns unless they’re just departing from or arriving at an airport. Heading changes 45 degrees or less is more common and will in return prevent you from zig zagging as you described.

Another thing that might be worth mentioning is, if you have waypoints that are close together, don’t hesitate to “activate” your next leg. This will help bypass the leg you were attempting to get on, and will allow the autopilot to aim for a correction for its new FPL leg.

Summarize. The following will help prevent this,

  • smaller angles on the FPL
  • activate the next leg
  • slower speed
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Ok thanks, it was just on departure. Thanks for the solutions!

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