LNAV issue

Hey fellow pilots. Can anyone help me with LNAV. I made sure and exhausted all my research options before submitting this post.

Currently I am doing an around the world tour on flying the MD11. This includes allot of brief stops and then I build a new flight plan and go again.

The new update is fantastic. Great job by the team.

The LNAV however does not work for me all the time.

I will fly from Ecuador to Colombia It worked


From Colombia to the Galápagos Islands the LNAV when engaged does not follow the flight plan set.

Is this issue happening with anyone else?

Am I missing an important step when doing multiple stops/ flights ?

Looking forward to your ideas

Happy flying!

If you used APPR when you changed the source from GPS to NAV1 make sure to change it back, or else LNAV won’t work


Make sure source is set to GPS not Nav 1 or 2. We’ve all been there haha! 😂


Also, you don’t need to change nav source for APPR apparently

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Wow that was it! Changing over helped! It was that simple haha

Thanks everyone

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no worries have a good day!