LNAV going of course


Is anyone having issues with LNAV on a return leg? Once airborne and I use the LNAV the aircraft will go way of course and the nav doesn’t actually work, this only happens on a return sector. My previous FPL has been cleared, am I doing something wrong?


Did you set your NAV Source back to GPS from NAV1?


Is it possible that your FPL is wrong by any chance, Like it is heading to the wrong direction? If that is a thing…

Also, doesn’t this belong to support?

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Make sure that the leg you’re on is activated. I’ve had it where it activates the leg that i put in from WPT to the airport after i’ve taken off

I actually had this happen to me for the first time yesterday and I did have a leg I had already passed activated. The activated leg will appear in purple in the FPL list and on the map (others will appear in white).

How far off course are we talking about (expected heading vs actual heading)?


Try and check for a duplicate waypoint

Hi, did you reverse you flightplan?

Flight plans are directional, so if you don’t reverse the order of waypoints it will try to fly the route from A to B, not the return leg. If you have activated your departure airport leg, VNAV would go directly to the airport and then, if you have waypoint WPT in the start of your flightplan, will try to fly it and then go back to your initial destination

Check to see if you have any duplicate waypoints?

I do not understand this phenomenon people keep reporting, because I have not had any LNAV problems. I would just carefully examine the flight plan before takeoff to make sure it is the correct one before taking off. I don’t believe IF planes just randomly divert off course.

@MishaCamp is on point, I only figured it out after trying Touch and Goes when 20.1 came out , my plane kept veering off course… after take off on return leg you have to manually switch back nav1 to gps sources for lnav to work properly… lnav actually remains unavailable until source is switched to gps… thereafter you can engage nav1 again for your final.

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This has bitten me a number of times when doing back to back flights. NAV1 is set when APPR is used and I forgot to set it back for my next flight.


Thank you! That’s what’s been going wrong, appreciate your help 🙂