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Every time I file a flight plan then hit LNAV my plan seems to divert into a totally opposite direction and not follow the flight plan. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? This whole new flight plan has me mixed up on how to use it.

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Thats not relevant.

@TwoEyes its possible you have a waypoint very close to the airport that is somehow not registering as “passed” when you depart.

Your flight plan is filed into the GPS, meaning you have to have GPS selected on the NAV screen in order for LNAV to follow.


Ok. Usually I hit Nav 1 but is that for APPR? So I switch over on approach?

Yes that is on approach. You will need to switch over on approach. As soon as you set a runway on NAV 1 and hit APPR as you get close to the ILS it should do it automatically.


NAV 1 is generally used for ILS approaches, yes. Have a look here:


Just to add on regarding when to use NAV 1, I strongly recommend reading the User Guide if you feel you are unsure about any aspects of the sim. I’ve attached a link which explains using LNAV and GPS, as well as when to tune into an approach using NAV 1. Hope this helps.

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In most of my recent flights I don’t recall having to switch to NAV1 to enter APPR mode.

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If you didn’t tune NAV1/2 to the ILS and switch the source to whichever one you were tuned to, you were not on an ILS.

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Thank you all for the quick replies, I think it was me not using GPS. I think it was a mixture of being so use to using NAV 1 since I enjoy Touch & Go’s that I totally forgot about GPS, plus the new Nav mode got me all switched up. Thanks again for all the quick responses.

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What I meant is that you don’t need to change the NAV source anymore, having an ILS tuned in NAV1 is enough. I need to check again but pretty sure that’s new.

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I see what you mean. Yes if you tune in an ILS, leave the source as GPS, then hit APPR, it does use the ILS and auto change the source to NAV1 for you.

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