LNAV fault!

i am currently flying to lirf from EGLL and when i put on LNAV it randomly turned around!!!


Did you miss a waypoint by any chance?

could be i am having to delete way points for it to work tho!!

find your next nearest waypoint and use ACT.LEG on the next waypoint. That would clear things up

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what do you mean?

This will activate the waypoint that you are flying by

but how do you do it?

If you are deleting waypoints you should be at MAP FPL at the bottom right corner of the page. Take a look where the next waypoint is from the position of your aircraft. Press that next waypoint and then ACT. LEG (it is next to the delete waypoint (-))

ohhhh thanks!!!

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no worries, happy to help :)

also i just checked and on fuel it is now dropping fuel super quickly

What is your Aircraft type, phase of flight, weight, altitude?

i am used fpltoif and did everything

I need to know these first, if not I can’t help here

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What is your weight and aircraft, flap settings?



not sure

climb to FL320

Also speed if possible?

And vertical speed would help.


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at the bottom tab, there are serveral information panels, like airspeed. Press and hold, drag it to weight. that is the third last of the selection

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