LNAV error

Hey again everyone, so basically, i had this problem where i just lifted off from Sydney Kingsford smith airport, super excited to do a long haul flight. I turned on LNAV for my climb and the plane started to jolt up and down. I have no idea why but now i cant do my overnight long haul because there isn’t enough time.

I was in the IF livery 777-200ER.

Btw the replay isnt available.

How’s your weight? Planes that are overweight may have this issue.

Was your speed low?

Why can’t you show the replay file?


Sorry to hear your flight couldn’t be completed.

LNAV only controls the movement from side-to-side, not up and down. VNAV controls aircraft altitude (and it does not work for climb). Is it possible you misunderstood the feature and made tilt movements yourself, causing the aircraft to “jolt up and down?”

@AlphaWings has asked some good questions that may help us understand the problem more, too.



Oh ok, thnaks fpr that, that will probably be why.

I was definitely not overweight, i didnt have a low speed, for some reason i cant share it.

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