LNAV enters holding pattern if flight plan runs out

This would be extremely useful;

If your flightplans ends, or something dodgy happens with it, LNAV enters you into a left wards hold over present position. Could prevent horrific overshoots/crashed into mountain and seems a rather neat and simple way to prevent issues like this happening. In the event of an oversleep you would wake up to your aircraft holding over your destination, or in a death spiral to a crowded airport below with no fuel, but either way you will reach your destination. You could also set it to hold when it reaches a certain waypoint, for example hold at your top of descent do even if you oversleep/miss your deadline you won’t be too high

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Then what’s the point? Obviously that is unlikely, as you should plan a bit of holding fuel, but still. Having people crash into crowded airports because LNAV holds above them isn’t really nice, and would probably get you ghosted.

'twas a joke, nothing more. The main points it to give you up to an hour extra time to get back flying as that’s how much minimum fuel extra you should have


But if you also oversleep that then we are back to square one. You will crash into or close to an airport, possibly crowded, and get ghosted. Not really a joke.

Which is why he said you could also have it hold at a certain waypoint.


Well, it’s simple, if your flight plan runs out, the LNAV will put you in holding pattern only over fixes.


Now that makes more sense. Problem is that the title says “when flight plan runs out”, which indicates that it is once you fly above your destination.

And? If you run out of fuel entirely that’s your fault and you deserve a ghosting


It doesn’t seem very realistic. If you aren’t willing to fly for that long then don’t attempt it in the first place.


This is not about fuel. I understand what you mean now, thanks to @Kevin_Potthast’s comment. Just change the title and we’re done.
Have a good day!

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This wouldn’t land for you or anything?.. You’d still need to fly, it would just give peace of mind that if your bus is 10 minutes late or you wake up 15 mins after you should of you’ll be fine


@UpgradeMe Most of us don’t have the time to fly 8 hours straight. 🙄

I think this is a good idea, as no one is perfect and things do come up. Perhaps if the device has not been woken and you are about 50NM away from the airport, the plane will enter a hold at the next fix in your flightplan.


I just don’t see this working on the advanced server with ATC.

So then fly less than that. :)

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Why? Doesn’t affect ATC in the slightest. Just means instead of flying away from your destination you circle it


At what altitude would this be? And would there be a specific spot for the holding patterns around each airport?
I’m sure that ATC’s will have to utilize holding patterns, and there wouldn’t be a way to ensure that the aircraft’s LNAV holding pattern doesn’t interfere with the ATC’s one.

My personal opinion is that I wouldn’t fly for longer than a period of time that I had time for.

You clearly don’t understand this request. It has nothing to do with whether you have enough time for a flight.

Whatever altitude the aircraft was at when it finished the FPL so likely crusing alt above FL180

They would be out of approach and departure airspace


Ehrm, just a little side note:
It is realistic. This is standard procedure for many aircraft types when reaching the end of the FPL.


I think it should place a AP Hold out of Class A or B Airspaces (Autopilot will plan a route outside of major airspaces)

Wayyyy to complicated. This is simple. If no FPL left, turn 180, wait 1 minute, turn 180