LNAV craziness

Hello fellow pilots!

I just completed a flight KMSY - KORD and wanted to start the return flight (not quitting the flight).
I took off and activated LNAV. But it just flew the runway heading of 270/280. I tried activate another leg but nothing.
Disconnected LNAV and AP and I could turn up and down, no problem.
Turned LNAV back on and it turned to the same heading.

Tried to go direct to KMSY but nothing happened.

Any advice??

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Did you use APPR when landing at Chicago?
Bc maybe you left your Nav on Nav 1 and not gps, runway at Chicago?

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You might of forgot to put the NAV1 back to GPS


Do you have duplicate waypoints?

@IF787 and @IF-EGYPT_YT named the solution already. That will be the reason to 99%


Did you reverse your flightplan?

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I know I’ve definitely done it before a few times 😂

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Hi @MaxTheBandit
You might have not reversed the flight plan or your nav1 or nav2 were set to the runway. This might have caused the LNAV to get confused.
Hope this helped you :)

I think what must have happened to was you might have forgotten to change the source of the navigation from NAV1 or 2 whichever you used for the ILS, to GPS.

I believe if you change it it should work.

Thank you all very much! :) that was super helpful