Lnav/auto pilot

what route were u flying to?

Paris to toolhouse

For a specific answer to why this happened can you tell me what the winds where at cruising altitude?

No trouble landing or taking off

And cruise altitude, what where the winds?

Cruise was 10000 ft and I don’t mess with the wind so there was none

Ok I had no passenger full cargo and not a lot of fuel

So you where in solo mode?

Yes I was I don’t go to multi-player that much

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Are you sure you didn’t accidentally only fill on cargo hold with more than the other?

I aways have it on sync

Hello are u there


People are always here, but can’t always reply in the same timely manner as some are expecting.
There’s not much more than can be done or said without some visuals on what happened. Sharing the replay would be the best way to start.

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