Lnav/auto pilot

Something is wrong when I hit my lnav/ap about 5 minutes into the flight it starts wobbling an I go stall and crash please fix this issue

I can’t wait for 21.5

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Hey! Welcome to the community :)

Could you provide us with a replay, so we can see what’s going wrong with LNAV? If you don’t know how to, here’s how:

  • Go to the “Replays” section, select the replay you want and hit ‘Share.’
  • Save it wherever you can access it easily.
  • Go to www.sharemyinfiniteflight.com and upload your replay there
  • Paste the link that’s generated over here in this topic, so we can view it.

@RyMan that’s not correct at all - the only thing that does is change the “view” of the navigation display inside the airplane from a full 360° circle to a forward arc.

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The compass is what appears in your live cockpit, I’m not sure it has anything to do with the autopilot

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It does for me for some reason ok guess I was wrong

was your plane overweight ???if thats the case a lower v/s and higher flap setting can help…which aircraft by the way?

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It’s not letting me share its just saying it imported successfully but I hit share

In the sim, you need to hit Share and then save it - either on your phone or Google Drive or iCloud - some place where you can access it outside of Infinite Flight.

When you go to Share My Infinite Flight, you can then upload it there.

Ok thank you

Could you please just try to fix it in #21.5

That’s why we’re asking for a replay. A replay file will most likely tell us everything that anyone needs to know to fix it - and determine whether it’s an issue with the app, or a settings issue :)

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So if the replay isnt coming could you describe whatbhappenend until then?
Like what aircraft?
What was your load? Was it heavy or light?
What was you v/s
These might help

Well it’s not letting me share or save

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@Ashley_Isom, where you in a fighter Jet when this happened? Or at high altitudes?

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No no fighter jet


My aircraft was a airbus a350 and my v speed was even

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Ok, do you recall having trouble landing or taking off?

I don’t know the load and the alt was 10000

Hmmmmm how heavy was your aircraft?

How about your vertical speed?

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