I’m having a bug happen when I try to put on Lnav of final

It happens when I’m on final and use APPR then when I go onto Lnav again it locks onto a random heading and stays there forever

I have to reset the app to fix the issue which is very annoying


Just to be on one page:
You’re fully established on the ILS by using the APPR function and then you’re turning LNAV on?

APPR is using ILS, LNAV is using GPS. Sounds like a case of the navigation source not being accurately set? :)


Once APPR was enabled the source for LNAV is automatically switched to Nav1 instead of GPS. So from that moment LNAV will follow the localizer of the ILS instead of the GPS flightplan

Thanks guys didn’t know that

Im sorry, I don’t understand. Is it when you are on final and it switches to LNAV or it wont follow the GPS?

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