LNAV Altitude Problem

So I have gotten a flight plan from SimBrief and gotten the waypoints, STARS/SIDS sorted. I then manually typed the altitudes I wanted at each waypoint from SimBrief. But when I activate LNAV does it automatically go to the altitudes I entered in or do I have to do it manually?

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LNAV is only following the flight plan. VNAV is the one where it descends to set altitudes.

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No, make sure that youre going to descent when you do activate it. Also it helps if your alt. is the current altitude you’re at before TOD

As of right now, VNAV only functions with descent, but if you have IF-assistant, you can use that for step climbing 🙂

Also, welcome to the community!

Thank you! I’m doing Dubai-London right now trying to save XP for grade 3 so I can get access to the expert servers :)

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No problem! Don’t hesitate to ask questions, its what we’re here for 🙂

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