LLRS Light aircraft And a former Top Gun aircraft

Field Museum The first plane Fouga CM-170 Magister The second IAI Kfir Former Israeli Air Force And Top Gun School FlySynthesis Texan Top Class RG With him I do flight lessons The museum also has Gloster Meteor Boeing 747 Engine

Aircraft are stored in hangars

Helicopter parking
One that landed too hard And a wheel was destroyed

I’m on the flight Hope you liked the pictures


Kafir during his service in the Israeli Air Force image https://www.sky-high.co.il/image/users/134771/ftp/my_files/kfir/726-3ms_filtered.jpg?id=5921712
And a stay in the U.S. Navy
image https://www.sky-high.co.il/image/users/134771/ftp/my_files/kfir/o6s.jpg?id=5921707

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