LLBG Qantas World Travel

The journey that reads every year Returned to Israel after 5 years The journey with 270 passengers Traveling around the world in 21 days Travel destinations South Korea, Israel Malta to Barcelona, ​​Colombia, Peru and Easter Islands before returning to Australia.



Awesome shots mate, I’m gonna miss the Qantas 747.


Great photos, goodbye Qantas 747.

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Why are most of the destinations on the map “3”

The number of days at the same destination

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Ah, ok, makes sense, thanks!

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That 3rd Picture is so good! Love the shots, keep it up!

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Thank you Really the 747 has the Nice takeoff

There doing some domestic flights with them and I have booked YSSY-YMML so I can say goodbye to the queen of the sky’s

Really nice pics
Also prob nice to see a 744 that isint על אל

RIP the Qantas 747

Rest In Peace 747😭😭😭

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