LLBG-EGLL | EL AL Airlines 787-10

Today, on the expert server we did a 4 hour and 25 minute flight from Tel Aviv (LLBG) - London Heathrow (EGLL) in the stunning, EL AL Airlines 787-10 Dreamliner. I hope you enjoy some of these breathtaking highlights from my flight!

We now say bye to Israel as we make a smooth departure out of Tel Aviv, heading north to London Heathrow.

You will now find ourselves making a turn East over Cyprus.

We were lucky enough to get some sensational views over the astonishing Swiss Alps!

We now find ourselves descending into Heathrow after passing the English Channel.

Finally, to sum up this incredible journey, we ended with an un-planned parallel landing with an Aer Lingus 757-200!

And touchdown!

Overall, this was an amazing route. The scenery is outstanding and a reasonable flight time. I highly recommend this route and definitely hop in the EL AL 787-10 Dreamliner!


Wow! The Alps with clouds and fog really match the livery…


Im definitely going to do this route

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