LLBG 767-300BBJ and 747SP

The plane belongs to Roman Abramovich Who is Chelsea’s owner

ordered by Hawaiian Airlines But they canceled the order And he bought it from Boeing In my opinion, the most beautiful 767 livery Also called Bandit

the 747SP belongs to Sheldon Adelson he has also A340 and 767 And 747SP Other He is almost 40 years old Many come to Israel


Beautiful, 1st three are my favorite. What camera is this?

Those are some spicy private jets

Thanks sony ilca-99m2

Those are some nice photos! Good work :)

Thank you It’s fun to share the pictures here

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I see the 747 at KLAS often. 🤔

because the plane belongs to Las Vegas Sands

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ooooh. Great photos! Clean and Crisp. 😍


You’re right he belongs to Las Vegas But Sheldon Adelson owns the company And for Israel the planes come almost only with the Adelson couple

Like ur pics do u have any shots of the LY 787 retro I wasent (זוכה) to fly on it as I struck out twice bec I flew the reg 787 livery twice

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Will upload a photo in the coming days Of the retro

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