LL75 Airport Issue

this airport is on a weird floating chunk of land that you spawn on yet it’s under the chunk of land, better yet the lower half is floating under the ground. Go check it out yourself, quite strange lol.

Hello, some of the airports are like that because the surrounding terrain is different. The airport editing team should be on this soon!

It’s actually strange because it has multiple issues and stuff very deceptive to land on the land chunk and kinda fun lol.

I will alert the airport editing team to ensure that everything is good on our end. Expect to hear from an IFAET Supervisor soon.


After investigation we have concluded that the airport file is consistent FAA information. As this airport is private use, and simply consists of a dirt field, we have decided that it would be easiest to remove the file from the sim, rather than hunting for a solution to a problem that we can’t diagnose at this point.

Thanks for the report,

Ryan Epps

Airport Editing Supervisor