Livingston_Lettman _J’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN @ KSAN (PASSED WRITTEN)

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. My name is Livingston Lettman. I control with the username Livingston_Lettman_J My Callsign is Infiniteflight878. I recently took my IFATC written test and got an 88%. This thread is to help me get better at my skills of controlling the skies of Infinite Flight as I will be doing my practical test soon. Your feedback after controlling is greatly appreciated :)

Airport: KSAN
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Status: opening for 1H or more depending on traffic flow

I need about 4 to 5 planes or more :)


It’s great that you are applying to join IFATC. I’ll pass by to fly some patterns.

I’d recommend using the traditional heading to inform pilots with brief and concise information:
Livingston_Letmann_J ATC Tracking Thread - KSAN [OPEN]

EDIT: Looks like you’re close.

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HELLO. Congratulation. Good luck.

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Good luck🌹

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yea i was there but no traffic was coming in at all. i will continue today at 12noon EST

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Please tag next!

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yea np. i may have to change location because someone is already there at KSAN

hey @BAK_UOV @nicopizarro gonna be active at KRSW apt rn

Feedback from N17EE

[15:34:42Z] - 3,500ft isn’t too bad for an transition but 3,000 or even 2,500 would of been the best option for transition. 2,500 + airport elevation round it to the nearest 500 , then theres your transition.

[15:41:04Z] - Also you don’t have to wait until an certain point to sequence and clear , better to do earlier then later especially the sequencing , but since I was the only one that came thats wasn’t really an issue.

[15:49:15Z] - Good that you noticed that " cleared for the option " means you can also land aswell just that the exit runway command should be given below 70 knts ground speed , but its fine.

Ending Remarks - There really wasn’t too big of an issue as I’ve seen , just those few things I said . Thanks have an nice day !

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thank you @Nee really appreciate the time comment I will work on the feedback you pointed out thx

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hey there, i just wanted to give you feedback on your atc session.

i was doing a pattern and have nothing to complain. all calls you made for me were clear and right.
giving a left 360 was also good to space the craft in font of me from myself. really enjoyed this quick session helping you out. good luck on your further training and tests!

dont mind i havent had strobes on and the bad landing with the cessna LOL

overall you did a good job on ground atc aswell as on tower frequency.


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thank you @cpt.mustache really appreciate the help and feedback and the time spent. lol, I notice your strobes were off indeed.

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@Livingston_Lettman_J hey wanna hop in my sessioon, really could use some people.
@cpt.mustache @Lenza @Mohamed_Assusi @nicopizarro you guys too!


yeah sure let me fire up infinite flight and join you

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Great! im at SBSP

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What’s the location icao

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SBSP is the ICAO

im there im radar

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Oh yess! Thanks so much

Using RWY 35L and 35R

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