Livingston A321-200


Livingston or “Livingston Energy Flight” was an Italian Airline.
It operated scheduled and charter services connecting major Italian cities to holiday destinations in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, the Indian Ocean, Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East.
It’s main base was MXP Airport (Malpensa International Airport).

Sadly this company suspended their flights temporarily the 9th October 2010 and then closed the 14th October 2010.

They had a fleet composed of 22 A321’s and like 24 A330-200.

-Photo took by Wikipedia-

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Bad English Translation:
Madò that memories … Livingston took it in 2007 for Cancun, on board the A330-200 … it was still the era where international flights departed from the T2 of Malpensa … however I will be honest: since it is a deceased company, I find it almost useless to implement Livingston livery in IF …

This is a wonderful livery. So needed in IF. Shame, I can’t vote it because I’m out of vote :(

:( This is sad buddy

Ehi dude why not vote this request?
I know it is a dead company, but as you can see there’s so much dead companies in IF, so this wont be a bad feature!

Think about it :)

(Remember about the aircraft you took for going to Cancun!)