Living with limited WIFI

Hello I have just moved to South Africa and was wondering what the game uses up of internet GB per hour so can pay for the right amount of GB. Many thanks

Hey there @Southampton-Connect welcome to the community! The amount of GB IF takes an hour has many factors and can vary a lot depending on the settings and the camera angle.

Hey there!

I use Infinite Flight most of the day, and the usage of data can vary on where you’re flying, whether it’s in busy traffic, or whether you’re going all over the globe and the scenery needs to be regularly downloaded at new places.

I generally fly all day every day, on a normal cockpit or wing view, so generally am always having scenery in view.

The past couple months I’ve been using between 16-22GB of WiFi considering the amount of flying I do. I personally use an unlimited WiFi usage subscription, so limits are no object for myself.

Each image is about 29 days, it seems to fluctuate a lot.

Hope this gives a little insight on what to expect, based on my usage of Infintie Flight.


Thank you this has been very helpful

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