living nearby an airport! spotting for free!

not as near as you think but about 11/12 km from the airport, when i was a kid i moved with my parents to an arab gulf country called “Oman” in a small town called “Mawalih” in “Al Seeb” state, there’s the country’s International airport called Muscat International Airport “MCT”

the airport got rebuild at some point and now its serves more destinations,.

i remember when i was 5/6 years old child seeing aircrafts flying i started getting interested since then,.

in the early 2000s during my teens i was more into Military aircrafts i remember seeing the old SEPECAT Jaguars they were so loud when the jet passes close by at about 600/500 feet the windows shake and the floor vibrates!
other old military jets such as the Hawker Hunter and Douglas DC-8 the ugly Short SC.7 Skyvan and BAC 1-11 and VC-10 and the Royal Air Force BAe Nimrods!
the United Kingdom Air force was operating in Oman, things in the Middle East were heated in the 80s and 90s from the Gulf War all the way to Afghanistan and Iraq war,.

in the recent years the Airport became more civil and started seeing growth in more passengers,. they build a new runway and a new Terminal,.

during the afternoon until the early evening the airport changes the runway heading and the Approaches route becomes straight on top of my house, looking at Flightradar24 the approaching aircrafts fly at 600/500 feet above my house giving me a perfect chance to capture some arrivals!

now i am not a photographer nor a spotter, i am not good at filming but my older brother owns a Canon so i decided to have a try,.

here are some airliners i captured at sunset: [btw i am filming at the roof of our house, i can go nearby the airport itself but i read in some forums that it can be dangerous and you can get arrested for filming the airport airplanes! which happened in other middle eastern airports such as Dubai,.] i don’t risk anything the airplanes fly over my house at 600/500 feet for free so thats a treat for me,.

i don’t call this spotting but rather capturing lol, i had a target today, but before that first things first,.

Oman Air Airbus A330-300, this is one of my all time favorites, its not that shiny nor that bad its just good the way it is i guess!,.

fans favorite the Emirates Boeing 777-300, yeah i know there shouldn’t be a spotting video without the 777 right?! there you have it, those engines man they scream at you saying yo i own the skies, and its not just loud its unique sounding its has a sharp tune to it its like an orchestra in the air, and the Emirates livery is definitely great looking,.

Salam Air Airbus A320, a nice sunset approach the a320 looks more beautiful from belly view compared to the side view, its looks really beautiful as long as you keep looking at it from below

another Airbus A320 “Air Arabia” if i am not wrong

Oman Air Boeing 787-9, looking at it from below i can’t notice its nose shape, i guess the side view is so much different compared to the belly view,. but those strobe lights are so beautiful you can’t mistake it they light up your day

finally the main event, my target of the day, i was waiting for this!
Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900, too bad the camera lens wasn’t good for night view, but i must say this aircraft is a phenomenal its awesome, and its has big engines, of course the video won’t capture my feels sometimes i was slightly looking away from the camera to watch the plane with my own eyes for obvious reasons, i kinda regretted filming cause i wanted to live the moment but i had to film it for you guys although the camera didn’t do it justice, but the Qatar Airways a350 is a frequent visitor anyway so i am gonna see it again tomorrow or the day after


many people do not film at night, and I like to see the night spotting as you did and I liked it, good job

You re lucky, i certainly wouldnt mind the noise

I moved from Muscat about a year after the new airport opened, never thought of planespotting before I moved. Slightly regret it as where I live there’s only Ryan Air :( Great videos! Lucky you to live so close to the rapidly expanding Muscat international!

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its can be annoying when you’re not in the mood for it like when you’re talking on the phone or just talking with someone, my father really gets annoyed LOL, but thats only lasts for half of the day because the airport changes the runway heading at about 8 PM until the afternoon on the next day,

the bad side is i won’t get to see the KLM a330 or the british airways 787 or the Cargolux Boeing 747-8 because they usually visit at late night by the time the airport changed the runway heading,.

however on rare occasions sometimes they don’t change the runway heading that early! i remember seeing the KLM Airbus A330 which is my favorite a330 livery that i have seen so far

I live near KPDX myself. Awesome view! Great for spotting.

there’s something about night flights, sometimes the aircraft might look better if you look at it at night!

the 787 is like a star at night but in the day its not that outstanding, while the 777 is like the boss at day but doesn’t have that much charisma at night!

some liveries might also look better at night, British airways & KLM glowing tail logs are very beautiful,.

at the moment i have departures flying on top of my house since the airport changed the runway heading hours ago, i can film but they tend to be at 1500/2000 ft and the camera doesn’t have that reach unfortunately, my only chances are when the runway heading is straight through my house thats when i get approaches flying at 600/500 ft!

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