Livestreaming Flights

Hi there! I was thinking about streaming some of my flights. I have tried this before and it didn’t end well. Could you answer some questions?

What is the best way to stream on the Iphone?
What is the best way to play music in the background?
Is it okay to stream long haul flights (12-18 hours)?
What flights are the most scenic?
What is the best way to popularize my streams?

Omelet Arcade and Spotify works just fine.

Long hauls all depend on the capability of your device and the ability to survive the whole flight.

Scenic flights are up to you.

Start slow, popularity comes with dedication, motivation, and the willingness to become better.

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I shall use spotify.

Do you think that an Iphone 11 can survive a 11 hour flight?

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It should, as long as it isn’t too full (storage), and that you use the right settings.

I’ve tried streaming directly from the cellphone and it is written that I need 1K subs at least

Yeah, to stream from a mobile device through YouTube you must have 1,000 subscribers.

Omelet Arcade is probably the best way to go. As said above, the iPhone 11 should make it so long as it isn’t too full. Scenic flight? Your choice. As for the popularity, that has to come with time. One way would be to hint at it on here. but, don’t advertise as such, if that makes sense. I’ve been doing a lot of research the last few years on YouTube strategies so feel free to PM if you have any questions. Most importantly, good luck!

As said above Omlet Acrade is your best option. It will let your stream to your YouTube Channel or Twitch Account without having to meet any requirements.

Apple Link:

I use an app called Streamlabs. No viruses yet!

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Isn’t that for PC/Mac?

If you connect your phone / iPad screen to your computer, you can use that

@NewZealand1Super uses Omley Arcade and Spotify for his YouTube and he has 2.2K subscribers so it must work good ;)

Oh really? I tried Streamlabs and it still said I needed 1,000 subscribers?

Yeah it should work perfectly fine, first you need to do to make the stream work is open omlet arcade and set up stream and once done that go onto YouTube and do the same and open live dashboard to see if the stream is working and it works enjoy the stream. 😃

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