Livestream - Thomas Cook in Innsbruck (5 Minutes)

Infinite Flight - Thomas Cook is Saved!

Today we celebrate Thomas Cook’s recovery. we’re doing a 90 minute flight from London to Innsbruck!

Flight starts at 6:05PM MST (Right now)

During the flight you’re encouraged to use the Thomas Cook livery.

Infinite Aviation

Here’s a little about me & my channel:
I’m an aspiring pilot and aviation is basically my life. I love to play Infinite Flight and other flight simulators. I created my YouTube channel a little over a year ago with no hopes other than to get to 100 Subscribers. Now I’m over 1000, meeting amazing people and I’ve discovered that my channel is a part of me. I’m proud to be able to make a person’s day, or turn a bad day for somebody into a good one. That’s what motivates me to keep creating content and keep streaming. Thank you.

Today’s Infinite Flight Stream:


Yes, glad to hear Thomas wasn’t cooked.

It appears you were organising a little Event. We have a process for this. For next time, please check via info below:

I do recommend to plan your event more that 5 minutes prior to start time 😉


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