Livestream For FlightSimExpo


Will there be a livestream for FlightSimExpo? Preferebly for Laura doing the seminar. If you could provide the link as well, that would be great.

Trust me… There will be alot of people live streaming and reacting to the announcement

IFATSOfficial on Instagram is definitely livestreaming and I know that @Daniel14 will be livestreaming for IFC


Any Idea who ? Like what users on instagram ?

Not live streaming, I will record it though and post it right after


Here it is. Infinite Flight was already on there

What was the announcement?

New Things Coming To Infinite Flight:
•A-10 Rework
•CRJ-200, 900, 1000
• South American Scenery 15M Sattelite
•Multiplayer Live Replay System

No Release Date has Been Announced


There was no news on when correct?

There’s never any news on when. Smh.


I know, just wanted to make sure…

I clearly said it but whatever

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??? Really, then when?

There is no news on release. Please see #announcements for more info when it comes!


Yes, I know sorry, I just felt like it was worth checking since this seems like it is above the typical oh look they put a pic on Instagram…

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