Livery's You Will Use From Now On

I was just looking around for an aircraft to fly around cause I was bored. I stumbled upon a few Livery’s that I had never flown before but that looked quite cool. I took screenshots of about 20 aircraft and decided to post them here. Thanks for @Ketan_Basvabovina Helping me with the photos of multiple aircarft.

The boring stuff

Server: Solo and Training
Aircraft: 20 of them
Time: N/A

But without further adieu, the photos of course.
To start off, we have my favorite livery in Infinite Flight. The Nordica livery on the CRj-700 was just perfectly made for what it is.

Next, to keep up with the Scandian trend is the SAS 747-200. I love this retro livery. IDK why but I just do.

Last Scandinavian on the list is the SAS A320 Retro. I doubt many people even know this is in the game. I really like retro livery’s. I perfer them to alot of the new livery’s that airlines have.

Next is another CRJ, this time a -1000. Again with me and the retro liveries. IDK what it is about this aircraft, but I like CRJs. Especially in this nice old Iberia Livery.

This time it is an A220. Not my favorite aircraft, but a nice livery none the less. I don’t see many people flying this aircraft. The livery should get more love just for the designing of it.

Only 5 more to go, for the 6th photo it is the Air Austral 787-8, I think. Either way, I don’t see Air Austral being flown much. And the livery’s are designed are great. Well, the 787 one at least.

Next up is a weird looking aircraft. The DC-10 Fire Fighter. I think everyone knew this was in the game, but we have no real purpose for it cause we can’t do fire fighting missions. Just thought it was a cool plane to share with all of you.

I had never heard or seen anything of this airline. I also barley ever use the A330s in IF. So it was obvious I had never seen it before. I find the tail of this aircraft very nice and sleek.

This is my favorite Southwest special livery. The Shamu livery is something more special than most livery’s to me. The cameration to Shamu after the way it was treated probably helps this livery be a top of mine.

We are gonna end it off with a bad photo of the Thomas Cook A321. Nice livery, like it much better than Candy Cane A321 that we have now for it.

That has been 10 Livery’s you might use from now on. Thanks for reading and have great day.


Air Austral’s livery is super underappreciated.

So true

yes master @IF_California

You will obey me

What airports were these taken at?

Each one was at a different airport, tell me the photo I will tel u what airport it was at

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The Air Vanuatu, it looks beautiful.

Great photos and amazing liveries, but being my boring self I’ll probably stick to just short Southwest flights lol!

On a side note, taking a second to appreciate the Air Austral 787 with that lovely gear tilt

Great photos! That Nordica CRJ-700 is amazing looking.

My favorite livery in all of IF

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You can use that Shamu Livery

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