Liverys made by the community

Hi guys, I wanted to clear up a question that came to my mind.

why can’t community members make plane liverys ?

taking the example of the 3D airports, it was a milestone in quality and quantity, I dare say that after the community members started making the airports, the simulator became much more pleasant to use

it would be a dream, many requests from the community would be resolved, and it would simplify a very bureaucratic process that has been established for many years, being able to give more space and creativity to users, perhaps even creating a space for fantasy liveries, also giving hope to classic liveries that deserve their space and finally giving developers more time to work on other simulator improvements


The problem with crowdsourcing locally stored things like liveries is that appropriate infrastructure is needed to accommodate large amounts of… well… stuff. IF are being very cautious with their own livery selections in that they have to make sure storage is not wasted, hence with the current systems in place it simply isn’t possible to hold such a heavy amount of data in liveries alone, especially on a dinky mobile device that probably won’t hold a 2TB SSD, provided you could squeeze one in.

Creating something like this is certainly not easy; creating the new scenery editing system was mind-bendingly difficult in itself. Liveries will have no clear baseline to start from, so just imagine the steps taken to migrate the old airport editing system to the new one, with its own difficulties exacerbated to an even further extent.

For now though, feel free to express your support here:

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thanks for the attention and explanation

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