Livery/Winglet selectors, and new form of payment

Now you might think this is a duplicate but its not. Ive put a lot of thought into this and devs please consider it.

I think that there should be a section on the livery selector where u can click the down arrow and get list liveries for that airline you chose. But not just liveries, also winglets. For example, for southwest airlines you could have all the special southwest liveries on the livery down arrow. Same thing for Jetblue, frontier, etc. For the winglets down arrow on the boeing 737 you may have the option to turn scimitars on and off. Same thing for the airbus A320 sharklets and non sharklets. Some planes may not have these down arrows like the B777 and the A340 but this topic is mainly for the planes that have more than one variant of that plane. This could also apply to the B757 with or without winglets and the same thing for the B767. Pretty much all airlines with different liveries and all planes with different winglets.

This is a picture of what Im talking about. Instead of having Southwest airlines and Southwest(2014) on the livery selector, just put a livery selector on the airline itself instead of making a whole other tab. If this is a little confusing please comment and I will clear things up for you

Also, i was thinking that all the special liveries should cost $0.99, but not the mainline liveries. Like for southwest canyon blue and heart one liveries can be free but liveries like Lone Star one have to be $0.99USD. OR you can make the airline cost more and get all the special liveries. I was thinking instead of paying for the plane itself, u pay for the airline so that you dont have to pay for an airline u never use

I feel that this is completely unnecessary. It’s just less buttons. Your choice, Global, or less livery buttons. I think I know the answer 🤷‍♀️


This is just an extra after global. I wasnt comparing to the global update at all.


The livery selector is near pointless. There is a perfectly good list of liveries there!


I think this is one of the best requests I have ever seen! It would be cool to not only have the past and present liveries, but also the special liveries. It would be also cool to be able to switch from Split Scimitar, Regular winglets, or no winglets at all! Great request! You have got my vote! :)


This is for more liveries. If the devs want to add all the special southwest liveries or all the frontier tails or all the jetblue tails its just a better way to organize it all

But if all southwest planes have a certain type of winglet that should be the only one available

Ohh, i see. I get it now. I understand.

Well if u select a livery and go to the winglet section then some winglet options could be unavailable for that specific livery

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It really goes to show how much someone wants a feature when they vote for it 🙄


I didn’t vote for it

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One feature request per topic please

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It might be two request but I said it because it all connects together so technically I’m doing one request

Love the idea of the option to select winglet types, this would be similar to that of high quality aircraft on PC flight sims (where you can also select engine type too) and is small yet effective. That part gets a vote from me! (I don’t support the special livery/pricing part of your topic).

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Please consider reading this topic

Only 1 feature request per topic.

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Like I said, it all comes together

It’s two requests.