Livery website

Maybe we should create a website asscioated with IF that allows you to install different livery sthat people post here everyday. Including myself i honeslty dont think any pays attention to it including the develepors, its kind of the same “yeah we should have the such and such livery” comment. Not to be rude though, we cant have every single livery out there. So maybe a place where we can install our own liverys into IF


With the closed system of iOS it would hard to allow this


The only way is to create online the livery and after you can download it as PNG/JPG then in IF get “personnalized” and then import the jpg livery.

A great example : minecraft skins

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People once called the modification of liveries as piracy… Not sure if it still is nowadays

@NatIsrael972 i think so.

@grxninesix Good point.

I just don’t think something like this would come anytime soon. Abuse, piracy, disputes with airlines over name usage etc.

that would be nice

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