Livery Voting


  • Iberia A320 (Old Livery)
  • Iberia A320 (New Livery)

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Delta MD-80

American MD-80

The battle of the Mad Dogs

  • American
  • Delta

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What about Allegiant?


Oh. Forgot about that one.


Let’s see how this goes…

Special liverys on the 787-9

Royal air Maroc 787-9

ANA 787-9 “r2d2”

Aeromexico 787-9 “Quetzoclal”

Qantas 787-9 “Yam Dreaming”

El Al 787-9 “Retro”

  • Royal air Maroc
  • ANA
  • Aeromexico
  • Qantas
  • El Al

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Three large airline alliances’ liveries:

  • Star Alliance Livery
  • Skyteam Livery
  • One World Livery

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Hello! Just a little rule on this thread,you may only use the same aircraft. So for example,I could do an Eva Air Star Alliance 777,Air France Skyteam 777,and a Qatar One World 777. Just wanted to clarify 😉


But all star alliance livery aircraft and skyteam livery aircraft barely have any differences, but I must admit that every one world livery is quite different.


Kulula. But you need to use the Flying 101 livery, as it is much better! (And informative of course! 😉)


Where is the poll.