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Hi, you should only vote for the same type of plane.


Why not the Alitalia new livery the old one is bland lol


There weren’t any new ones on jetphotos


Ahh ok just asking lol


Today’s aircraft…

Boeing 787-9

  1. LATAM Chile


  1. Air Canada


  1. Vietnam Airlines


  • LATAM Chile
  • Air Canada
  • Vietnam Airlines

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South African Airlines still runs 'em. I had the pleasure of flying on one from Johannesburg (FAOR) to Maun, Botswana (FBMN) and on another on the way back, the seats were comfy as heck and there was tons of leg room. The seats were wide and they weren’t stiff like the american a321 seats. Also they don’t call it the whisper jet for nothing. One last thing to add, the have really cool blinds that only close halfway because there is a shutter on the top and bottom of the window to save space.


I flew on them a few years ago when Brussels Airlines still had a few to destinations like Stockholm bromma (ESSB) or Geneva (LSGG).


Finnair a350 (

Asians a350 (

  • Finnair a350
  • Asians a350

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As much as I Love the Asiana Livery on The A350 or any aircraft for that part, the Finnair Livery just looks much better and so classy and fits the A350 The Best of all liveries that have been painted to the A350 so far 🤩


  • Air Malta A320
  • Delta A320

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Credits: On bottom of both pics


Today’s Aircraft…

Avro RJ100

  1. Brussels Airlines


  1. SWISS


  1. Royal Air


  • Brussels Airlines
  • Royal Air

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  • Delta Boeing 777
  • American Boeing 777

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Today’s Aircraft…

Airbus a320

  1. Air Transat


  1. SilkAir


  1. BCM Airlines


  • Air Transat
  • SilkAir
  • BCM Airlines

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  • Delta’s A350
  • Singnapore’s A350

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  • Singapore B777
  • Emirates B777

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To revive the thread…

Image Source
Frontier A321 (Cactus the Coyote Livery)

Image Source
Lufthansa A321

  • Frontier A321 (Cactus the Coyote Livery)
  • Lufthansa A321

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  • 1.UPS
  • 2.Lufthansa Cargo
  • 3.Fedex

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Battle of A320s in the Philippines

Philippine Airlines

Cebu Pacific

Philippines Air Asia

  • Philippine Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Philippines Air Asia

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I haven’t published in this topic for a long time.
I wonder if I should come back or not?

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I close the voting in two days


Why vote?
Just poste;)