Livery Voting


Decreasing the vote cap, so its 29 votes, and the is a time cap now, which is 2 hours.


Our number is
-drumroll- -drumroll-


which is…

Go for it buddy!


(Don’t just vote based on the fact that Northwest doesn’t exist anymore)

Northwest Airlines A330-300


Delta A330-300


  • Northwest A330-300
  • Delta A330-300

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1 - Aerosur “Super Torismo” 747-400

2 - Qantas “Wunala Dreaming” 747-400

  • Aerosur “Super Torismo” 747-400
  • Qantas “Wunala Dreaming” 747-400

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Please read the original thread before posting.


Channelling your inner Australian there mate?


(Gonna need it soon, for once I want to get off a plane, not go on one, been on this thing for 10 hours now,

and we’ve only just passed dubai and stuff.)


(I suspect somebody is on QF10)


The random number was 22.
@Matthew_Chan you’re up!


Cathay liveries duo on the 77W

  • Cathay New livery
  • Cathay Old livery

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Which one is which lol


The new one is the one on top and the old livery’s below.


Since nothing is happening, gonna do a new one.

  1. South African Airways A340-300 ‘Team South Africa 2012’

This livery was designed by my step-mom who is a brand designer, she also designed the Kulula Europcar livery


  1. Swiss A340-300 ‘San Fransisco’


Lets vote.

    1. South African ‘Team South Africa’
    1. Swiss ‘San Fransisco’

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Credit to Dennis HKG on Flickr for these images


@jakevaz423 , You’re next!


Looks like it’s my turn!

United - Boeing 777-200ER - Current Livery

United - Boeing 777-200ER - Retro Battleship Grey Livery


Vote Below!

  • United - Boeing 777-200ER - Current Livery
  • United - Boeing 777-200ER - Retro Battleship Grey Livery

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Let’s restore this with one of my fave aircraft:

  1. Lufthansa a350-900

  1. Delta a350-900

Source Photo 1
Source Photo 2

  • Lufthansa a350
  • Delta a350

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You know what I will choose.


Well Duh it’s all in your name!
P.S. My fave aircraft is the a350, I just chose the a319 cuz it looks good too


I actually chose Lufthansa


Both are equally stunning.