Livery Voting


Please use the same aircraft type. Maybe a different variant is allowable but this topic is for comparing how liveries suit certain planes


That rule hasn’t really been stuck to for majority of this thread and mostly is about which livery looks better. Limiting it to one type really limits what polls you can do.


Why am I the only one you’re coming at? Say that to the 322 other posts in this thread before you criticize mine.


Most of the posts have been the same aircraft… there is no need to get all defensive. Just try to use the same aircraft next time.


Who wears it better JetBlue edition





All photo credits to, besides HighRise, the credits go to

  • Tartan
  • Barcode
  • Blueberry
  • Mosaic
  • High Rise

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Which livery suits the A350 best?

  • China Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines

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Both pictures are mine.


If you’re not interested in voting, then don’t criticize my poll as if I’m the only one that did it, that’s all Im saying.


No, I was using your post as reference as to why he shouldn’t criticize my post instead of voting or ignoring it.


Oh sorry. 😐 😅 my mistake


No, most of the posts have not been the rules of the topic creator. I don’t know why you are bringing that quote up. I never was not interested in voting on your post. I think rules are rules and they should be followed unless they are wrong.


I didn’t realise how much this blew up, so I’m going to respond and hopefully leave it at that. I have criticised posts before, that was just a recent one I wanted to point out for everyone again, it wasn’t supposed to be taken personally. Also, last I checked, breaking a rule a few times doesn’t mean the rule doesn’t have to be followed. I’m not the creator of the thread, but if I was I would like people to do what I made it for, which was specifically stated as same aircraft, different paint. If that rule was changed and I just didn’t see it, then by all means post whatever, but I’ve always viewed the rule as a way to keep it unique and prevent repetition of the same liveries with different “competition.” With that said, I want to end the argument here and get back to posting pictures. Sorry about all that!


Hey bro i Love Air Nz and fly them lots do you want to fly one day


I shall save this thread again!
I’m back with another a320NEO comparison:

  1. Frontier


  1. EasyJet


  1. Thai AirAsia


  • Frontier
  • EasyJet
  • Thai AirAsia

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Ayyy! Glad to see this thread is being revived!!


Forgot about this thread, glad it’s back :)


Oh woow, it’s been almost a month since the last one, haha :P

But our Great “Livery Voting” Thread Savior @Delta319, came to rescue.

That’s a nice title you got there now ;)


Here’s a America A321 livery-off!!!
JetBlue Airways, N968JT

Virgin America (RIP), N923VA

Alaska Airlines, D-AVXY test reg

Delta Airlines, N307DX

American Airlines, D-AVZK test reg

Frontier Airways, D-AZAA test reg

Spirit Wings, N553NX

Hawaiian Airlines, D-AVAF test reg

  • JetBlue
  • Virgin America
  • Alaska
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Spirit
  • Hawaiian

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There’s no poll for us to vote on…


My bad…


Here’s one:
Aerolíneas Argentinas A330-200:


Air France A330-200:

  • Aerolíneas
  • Air France

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