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Gotta vote for my hometown airline UPS!


Ooh my favorite airline. Southwest is known for it having a lot of liveries. Here are a couple famous, and special liveries of southwest. I only picked a couple so no nitpicking that your favorite is not on here (they have a ton of liveries).

The classic old livery of southwest:


The beautiful heart livery:

The stylish canyon blue livery:

The special shamu livery:

The Missouri one livery:


The Arizona one livery:

The Colorado one livery:


The Tennessee one livery:


The Florida one livery:


The Maryland one livery:

The New Mexico one livery:

And finally, the Texas one livery:

There’s more trust me…

Poll time!! Which one is your favorite that I listed?

  • Classic Old
  • Beautiful Heart
  • Stylish Canyon Blue
  • Special Shamu
  • Arizona One
  • Missouri One
  • Colorado One
  • Tennessee One
  • Florida One
  • Maryland One
  • New Mexico One
  • Texas One

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Your canyon blue one is a model plane…


Lol I know… too lazy


Ex Salvadoran liveries:

VECA Airlines A319

Picture Credits:

TACA Airlines A319

Picture Credits:

  • VECA Airlines A319
  • TACA Airlines A319

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Let’s show the old America Airlines liveries some love!

Delta Air Lines “Deltaflot”
American Airlines polished livery
Continental Airlines pre merger livery

  • “Deltaflot” livery
  • American polished livery
  • Pre continental merger continental livery

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Deltaflot = my favorite Delta livery


Thanks for everyone who voted on my first time! Here is: European Retro Liveries!!!

First up is the Lufthansa Retro Livery!

Next up: KLM Retro Livery!

And finally the Air France Retro Livery!

All images from google

  • Lufthansa Retro livery
  • KLM Retro Livery
  • Air France Retro Livery

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That Lufthansa Retro is BEAUTIFUL.


You don’t have a poll.


Yes I do, try reloading their page, 2 people have voted already :/


Well mine’s not working.
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@SkysTheLimit87 it worked :)


Yay!! Exited to see your vote!


The double bogey A320 looks super weird…


Air Jamaica A320 National “Doctor Bird” of Jamaica Livery

BWIA (British West Indies Airways) Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Steel Pan Of The West Indies Livery

Caribbean Airlines 737-800 National Hummingbird Of Trinidad & Tobago Livery

All Copyright for these images go to their respective owners

  • Air Jamaica 737-800 National “Doctor Bird” Of Jamaica
  • BWIA Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Steel Pan Of The West Indies
  • Caribbean Airlines 737-800 National Hummingbird of Trinidad & Tobago

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I think that’s an a320.


Thanks, I was looking at their 737 fleet so I made a mistake !


Changed the description you pointed out, but the voting option can’t be changed


1 the new westjet livery


Let’s give the old Asian airlines liveries some love

Old Cathay Livery

Old KAL livery

Old China Airlines Livery

  • Old Cathay Livery
  • Old Korean Air Livery
  • Old China Airlines Livery

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