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All my own images, taken from fuerterventura


Can I do one? I have a good one.


Then I’ll go:




  • TAM
  • EgyptAir

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Today’s Aircraft:

de Havilland DHC-8-400

North America: Alaska Airlines (OPB Horizon Air)


South America: LAN Chile (OPB Aires Colombia)


Europe: FlyBe


Africa: Ethiopian Airlines


Asia: ANA Wings


Oceania: QantasLink (OPB Sunstate Airlines)


  • Alaska Airlines (OPB Horizon Air
  • LAN Chile (OPB Aires Colombia)
  • FlyBe
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • ANA Wings
  • QantasLink (OPB Sunstate Airlines)

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Almost the same as this:


Oh no! Another duplicate. Next time I will be watch if anyone has this comparison what I wanna publish. I’m sorry for that :(


Who wore it better!?

Air New Zealand “The Desolation of Smaug” 777-300er [ZK-OKO]


Air New Zealand “Hobbit Jet” 777-300er

Source to Photo 1
Source to Photo 2

  • “The Desolation of Smaug”
  • “Hobbit Jet”

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Today’s Aircraft:

McDonnell-Douglas DC-10

North America: Delta Air Lines


South America: VARIG Brazil


Europe: Corsair


Africa: Air Afrique


Asia: Singapore Airlines


Oceania: Air New Zealand


  • Delta Air Lines
  • VARIG Brazil
  • Corsair
  • Air Afrique
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air New Zealand

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Honestly, does it even matter? As long as the posts aren’t one after the other it’s fine. It’s just a poll. 🤷‍♂️


I was just pointing it out to him.


Today’s battle of livery:

Boeing 737-45D

  1. LOT Polish Airlines (classic)

  1. LOT Polish Airlines (80 years of LOT Polish Airlines)

    Source photo 1
    Source photo 2
  • LOT Polish Airlines (classic)
  • LOT Polish Airlines (80 years of LOT Polish Airlines)

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How come American liveries get more voted 90% of the time?


Do you mean the airlines of the country or the airline itself?

It may just depend on what people like.🙂


The first one. A big part of the IFC from the States so that’s probably why, patriotism.


I’ve noticed Delta gets a lot of the votes, so here’s a 757 comparison. Without Delta Air Lines.



La Compagnie

AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines

  • Condor
  • Icelandair
  • La Compagnie
  • AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines

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I like the no delta idea - I’m always drawn to their livery for some reason xD


Something to mix it up a bit… How about some Olympic liveries, here are 10 liveries from Paris 2024, Tokyo 2020 and the last eight Olympics that had liveries.

Air France F-GZNP | Paris Summer Olympics 2024

Beijing 2022 doesn’t have a livery so Tokyo 2020 is next
ANA JA741A | Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020

Korean Air HL8227 | Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018

LATAM PT-MSY | Rio Summer Olympics 2016

Aeroflot VP-BRZ | Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

British Airways G-EUPC | London Summer Olympics 2012

Air Canada C-FIVS | Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Air China B-6075 | Beijing Summer Olympics 2008

Turin 2006 didn’t have a livery so Athens 2004 is next
Olympics Airlines SX-BKC | Athens Summer Olympics 2004

Delta Air Lines N864DA | Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002

So now it’s time to vote. Which one is your favourite Olympic livery?

  • Paris 2024 | Air France
  • Tokyo 2020 | ANA
  • Pyeongchang 2018 | Korean Air
  • Rio 2016 | LATAM
  • Sochi 2014 | Aeroflot
  • London 2012 | British Airways
  • Vancouver 2010 | Air Canada
  • Beijing 2008 | Air China
  • Athens 2006 | Olympic Airlines
  • SLC 2002 | Delta Air Lines

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Air France:
Korean Air:
British Airways:
Air Canada:
Air China:
Olympic Airlines:


I thought Paris was hosting the summer Olympics. 🤔